Fernando J. Ribeiro_Skull Sculpture_2000

Fernando J. Ribeiro_Skull Sculpture_participation art_Exposição RISO_EDP- 2000

Compulsive Skin, 2000, plaster, wood, magic markers, lots of people, 120x152x55 cm. Exhibited  in group exhibition Plano XXI, Portuguese Contemporary Art, Cinema & Music, G-MAC (Glasgow Media Access Centre),Glasgow, 2000, curated by Paulo Mendes and António Rego. Exhibited in group exhibition “Riso. Uma Exposição a Sério,” Museu da Electricidade, Lisboa, 2012. Collection  Ivo Martins, on deposit at Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto.





 In group exhibition “Proximidades e Acessos: Obras da Colecção de Ivo Martins,”  curated by Miguel Wanschneider, Culturgest, 2004, Porto. © Imagens: Paulo Mendes


Untitled (Femur), 1998, plaster, magic makers, lots of people, variable dimensions. Exhibited in group exhibition Acasos e Materirias, 1998, curated by Paulo M4endes, Círculo de Artes Plásticas, Coimbra, 1998. Collection Paulo Mendes, Porto. © Imagem: Paulo Mendes



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