HITLERBLONDI-copy2-copyUntitled (Blondi and Hitler Contemplating the Bavarian Alps), 2014, C-print, wood, nail, variable dimensions. Installed in the group exhibition A Boca do Inferno / Hell’s Mouth, curated by Óscar Faria, Sismógrafo, Porto, 2014

Untitled (Blind Mirror), 2010, enamel, wood, mirror cardboard, 34x22x4 cm: Collection António Olaio, Coimbra. Exhibited in group exhibition. MONO (a propósito do grupo GICAPC/CORES CAPC 1976/1978), curated by António Olaio, CAPC   Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Coimbra, 2010ecstasy_-netUntitled (Ecstasy), 2010, graphite, wood, enamel, 34x26x4 cm. Exhibited in group exhibition Oitenta Anos de Desenho, Escola Secundária António Arroio, Lisboa, 2015



Untitled (The Pope), 2012, acrylic, collage, wood, 63x49x7cm



Untitled (Smile on Me), 2009, C-print, wood, enamel, 88x68x6,5cm. Exhibited in individual exhibition Horizonte e Outros Brilhos, Galeria Presença, Porto, 2009


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