Floor Sculpture

Fernando J. Ribeiro_All My Diaries_books sculpture_2021

Untitled (All My Diaries), 2020, paper blocks, ink, variable dimensions


Fernando J. Ribeiro_Pandora_sculpture_1999

Untitled (Pandora), 1999, enamel, wood, 51×28,5×46 cm. Exhibited in group show “PansY: Amores Perfeitos,” curated by Ana F. Cravo, biblioteca municipal de Portalegre, Portalegre, 2019.






Untitled (Project for a Cube), 2012, magazines pages, variable dimensions

Fernando J. Ribeiro_newspaper sculpture_2017



Untitled (Daily Mail), 2013-19, newspapers, variable dimensions






Untiitled (Vogue), 2012, magazine, inkjet print variable dimensions. Installed in solo show Close-up, Espaço Campanhã, Porto, 2012


Fernando J. Ribeiro_Skinless Chair_2014Untitled (Skinless Chair), 2014, chair, enamel, polyurethane foam, variable dimensions

Fernando J. Ribeiro_table_paper tape_2012


Fernando J. Ribeiro_table_paper tape_2012

Untitled (Organic Table), 2012, adhesive tape, glass, variable dimensions

Fernando J. Ribeiro_SOLD Sculpture_2014

Untitled (SOLD), 2014, frame, plastic, spray paint, variable dimensions

Fernando J. Ribeiro_Graffiti Sulpture_2014

Untitled (OK), 2014, plinth, paper, spray paint, variable dimensions


Untitled (The Books I Should Read), 2015, wood, books, spray paint, variable dimensions

Untitled (Light Column), 2021, Lego bricks, 172x3x3 cm
Untitled (Sunset), 2021, Lego bricks, dimensions variable

Untitled (Crosswalk), 2021, Lego bricks, dimensions variable

Untitled (Abstract Cross), 2021, Lego bricks, dimensions variable

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