Wall Sculpture


Fernando J. Ribeiro_european union_sculpture_2012


Untitled (European Union), 2012, satin, Ruffles chips with ham flavor, wire, variable dimensions. Exhibited in solo show Close-up, 2012, Espaço Campanhã, Porto, 2012; in group show Art Stabs Power. Que se Vayan Todos!, curated by Inês Valle, at Bermondsey Project, London, 2014, and at Plataforma Revólver, Lisboa, 2014; in group show Them or Us, curated by Paulo Mendes, Galeria Municipal do Porto, 2017. Collection Ivo Martins, on deposit at Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea,

Fernando J. Ribeiro_Nose Sculpture_wall sculpture_1996


Untitled (Nose), 1996, plaster, acrylic, hair, wire, 72x32x41cm. Exhibited in solo show at Galeria Arte Periférica, Lisboa; and in group show “Acasos e Materiais 2”, curated by Paulo Mendes, CAPC, Círculo de Artes Plásticas, Coimbra, 1998




Untitled (Milky Way), 2001, plaster, acrylic, 47 cm diameter



Untitled (Coat-Pajama), 1998, cloth, paint, wood, wire, 94 x 52 x 18 cm, handmade by the artist. Exhibit in group show,  “Acasos e Materiais 1”, CAPC, Círculo de Artes Plásrticas de Coimbra, 1998, curated by Paulo Mendes; and in group show “Proximidades e Acessos: Obras da Colecção de Ivo Martins”, Culturgest, Porto, 2004, curated by Miguel Wandschneider. Collection Ivo Martins, on deposit at Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto. © Imagens: Paulo Mendes


Fernando J. Ribeiro_I Love You_Sculpture_post-its_2019


Untitled (Secret Song), 2019, post-its, ink, dimensions variable


FErnando J. Ribeiro_Kill Me_post-it_2001




Untitled (Kill Me), 2001, post-its, magic markers, variable dimensions.  Exhibited in group show “Regras do Jogo da Glória,” curated by Paulo Mendes, Artemosferas, Porto;2001; exhibited in group show  “Proximidades e Acessos: Obras da Colecção de Ivo Martins,” curated by Miguel Wanschneider, Culturgest, 2004, Porto; exhibited in group show “A Arte como Experiência do Real: Colecção de Ivo Martins em Depósito no Museu de Serralves”, curated by Nuno Faria, Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães, Guimarães. Collection  Ivo Martins, on deposit at Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto. 


post-it 2



A la Recherche de la Révolution Française, 2014, post-its, lots of people, variable dimensions.; exhibited in group exhibition “Art Stabs Power”, curated by Inês Valle, at Bermondsey Project, London, 2014. Collection Ivo Martins, on deposit at Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea.



Untitled (Barak Obama Dixit) 2012, post-its, variable dimensions.





Untitled (Panorama), 2009, post-its, variable dimensions. In  group show “A Nossa Língua não Cura”, curated by Isabel Ribeiro, Espaço Avenida 211, Lisboa, 2009


Fernando J. Ribeiro_Ground Zero_2013_sculpture


Untitled (Ground Zero), 2013, sponge, tripod, video camera, variable dimensions

HITLERBLONDI-copy2-copyUntitled (Blondi and Hitler Contemplating the Bavarian Alps), 2014, C-print, wood, nail, variable dimensions. Installed in the group exhibition A Boca do Inferno / Hell’s Mouth, curated by Óscar Faria, Sismógrafo, Porto, 2014


Untitled (Blind Mirror), 2010, enamel, wood, mirror cardboard, 34x22x4 cm: Collection António Olaio, Coimbra. Exhibited in group exhibition. MONO (a propósito do grupo GICAPC/CORES CAPC 1976/1978), curated by António Olaio, CAPC   Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Coimbra, 2010


Fernando J. Ribeiro_Shelf_sculpture_idol_2014


Untitled (Old Shelf), 2014-19, platex, enamel, 61,5×48,5×23 cm

Fernando J. Ribeiro_Cardboard Sculpture_2015

Untitled (Look), 2015, cardboard box, charcoal, variable dimensions


Fernando J. Ribeiro_PHONE Sculpture_2014

Untitled (All the Answers), 2014, telephone, variable dimensions



Untitled (One Heart, One Soul), 2016, nails on wall, variable dimensions


Untitled (Forever), 2015, nails on wall, dimensions variable


Untitled (Dream), 2015, nails on wall, variable dimensions

Fernando J. Ribeiro_nails sculpture_2015

Untitled (NO), 2015, nails on wall,  dimensions variable

Fernando J. Ribeiro_Square Sculpture Wall_2015

Untitled (Square), 2015 nails on wall,  dimensions variable


pastaUntitled (Secrets), 1995, oil on wood, suitcase, 46,5×33,5×12 cm. Collection Luísa Cunha, Lisboa


Fernando J. Ribeiro_Legs sculpture_1996

Fernando J. Ribeiro_texts on Ana Borralho & João Galante_2014

Untitled (Legs), and detail,1996, plaster, ballpoint pen, 103x38x27,5 cm. Exhibited in solo show at Galeria Arte Periférica, Lisboa, 1996



Ether, 1996, skull, magazines pages, 27x20x14cm. Exhibited in solo show at Galeria Arte Periférica, Lisboa. Collection Galeria Arte Periférica, Lisboa.


Fernando J. Ribeiro_Cyclops Sculpture_1996

Untitled (Cyclops), 1996, boot, inkjet print, variable dimensions



Untitled (Head), 1996, sheepskin, pioneers, paper, wire, 54x36x23 cm





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