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4 cópiaFernando J. Ribeiro_Performance Participation_2015

Home Sweet Hole, in International Performance Festival, curated by Bruno Schlatter and Dominik Lipp, Noseland, Aarau, Switzerland, 20-6-2015. Video: Bruno Schlatter

Visitors are invited to produce an enclosure with a centripetal bias because guided by a character that will accomplish a succession of photographic records that will absorb the communitarian space. As the records go from the individual to the collective, the camera will go on mapping and appropriating the sense of place built by an ephemeral micro-community.


Lol Spam Lol, 2012. Performance realized in “Festival Verão Azul”, curated by Ana Borralho and João Galante, Lagos. Portugal, 2012.








Blind Date, 2010, presented at Caroline Pagès Gallery, during the “Campo de Ourique Gallery Weekend”, on October 29 and 30 at 10 pm; Lisboa, 2010. Video by Luis Sezões. 





Tell Me My Name, 2010, 16 women perfume bottles, 16 men perfume bottles, variable dimensions. Presented in Projecto CONTENTORES, curated by Sandro Resende and José Jesus, Alcântara, Lisboa, 17 th June 2010.

In two parallel industrial shipping containers, perfume bottles of both sexes – feminine in one, masculine in ther other – are released to an imaginary vanishing point, in a way that the different scents will join on that same point. Tell Me My Name is a performance undertaken by the artist in two shipping containers. It will leave behind material and sensorial traces which evoke themes related to sensuality and identity and also sexual (in)determination, deriving not only from the fact that both containers have the same lighting, but also from the information enclosed in the traces left by the performance.

Tell Me My Name é uma performance executada pelo artista em dois contentores de carga marítima. Dela ficarão vestígios materiais e sensoriais, vestígios esses que remetem para questões relacionadas com a sensualidade e a identidade, e ainda para a (in)determinação sexual, que decorre quer do facto de ambos os contentores terem a mesma iluminação, quer da informação presente nos vestígios deixados após a realização da performance.


Fernando J. Ribeiro_Love or Die_2012Fernando J. Ribeiro_LOVE OR DIE_2012

Fernando J. Ribeiro_LOVE-OR-DIE_2012

Love or Die, in António Caramelo’s Make a Revolution, 5.8.2012, Tavira, Casa das Artes de Tavira,